Norbro Series 75 Electric actuator

Series 75 Electric Actuators are used throughout the industrial world for on/off, throttling, variable cycle and any analog or digital control. One of the most reliable actuators on the market, the Series 75 is lightweight, compact and powerful. Its split phase capacitor AC reversing motor or DC motor drives a valve through a sealed, permanently lubricated gear train which offers lifetime, maintenance-free operation.

The Series 75 is available in eight sizes and produces torque to 3000 in-lbs. Housings are designed to TYPE 1 General Purpose, TYPE 4 Watertight, and TYPE 7, Class1, Div. 1 and 2, Group C, D and TYPE 9, Class II, Division 1 and 2, Group E,F, and G. A combined location TYPE 4, 4X, 7 and 9 enclosure is also available

Series 75 actuators may be used on Process Valves complete line of ball valves, other quarter-turn valves of devices requiring rotary operatiors. Moreover, their ability to provide power in both directions through selected arcs from 20 degress through 300 degrees makes them ideal for control of heating, ventilating and air conditioning duct systems and automatic, remotely operated equipment.


  • Baked Epoxy Finish
  • 120/240VAC or 12/24VDC operation
  • On/Off, Throttling, Position, and Process Control
  • Manual Override
  • Optional Brake, Heater,
  • Analog/Digital Position Control Inputs


Norbro series 75 electric actuator





Our in house engineering facility allows us to offer our clients a wide range of locally manufactured mounting kits to fit any valve, actuator and accessory combination. Our standard material for manufacture is stainless steel ensuring protection against the corrosive environments that exist at the coast and on most chemical plants.

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