control valvesCONTROL VALVES

Process Valve offer a wide range of Control Valves including - Globe, Butterfly and ball valves manufactured to international standards in a range of materials suitable for a diverse range of applications, both proportional and on/off. Valves are available with both pneumatic and electric acuators and a wide range of control accessories.

Ball type control valves
Both Worcester and Valtek range of products offer a wide range of ball type control valves. Easily maintained these valves are available in a wide range of materials with metal to metal seats for high temperatures and soft seats for tight shut off applications. A range of fully lined ball control valves from Richter provide a cost effective solution when handling extremley corrosive media.

Worcester Vee control valve
Atomac ball type control valve
Valtek Shearstream ball control valve

Butterfly type control valves
Available from Durco and Valtek a range of wafer pattern butterfly valves in a variety of materials with metal to metal seats as well as softs seats.

Valtek Valdisk butterfly control valve
Durco BX2000 butterfly control valve

Globe type control valves
A wide range of globe type control valves are available in the Valtek and Schmidt product range. Kammer provide a range of valves for low flow applications whilst Richter are able to offer a cost effective solution when handling highly corrosive media.

Valtek MK1 globe control valves
Schmidt globe control valves
Kammer low flow globe control valves
Kammer lined globe control valve

Water control valves
Process Valves represents Inbal SA in the Kwa Zulu Natal area and is able to offer a unique range of sleeve type control valves for controlling pressure, flow and level. Designed with no mechanical moving parts it provides provides a highly reliable solution for applications in both water reticulation and fire fighting markets.

Inbal valve principles
Pressure & Flow control valves
Remote operation valves for fire fighting applications
Deluge valves for fire fighting applications