AKH2 Ball valves

Size Range: 15-300mm
Operating Range: -60°C - 200°C (Depending on design & Materials)
Body Material: S G Iron, Stainless Steel
Seat Materials: PTFE
Ball Material: Stainless Steel with PFA or FEP coating, Aluminium Oxide
Lining Material: PFA, FEP, PVDF
End Connections: Flanged BS4504 Table 10/16, ANSI 150/300LB

These valves provide a very cost effective alternative to the more expensive valves manufactured in exotic materials such as Hastalloy, Titanium etc. Available with a one piece ball and stem or alternatively a floating ball with blow out proof stem. Ball available in Aluminium Oxide for abrasive applications. One piece PTFE bellows type packing is pre loaded using a Stainless Steel spring gland follower and ensures no leakage to atmosphere even during hot and cold cycling. Valves are designed with optimum lining thickness to ensure permeating media such as Chlorine does not come into contact with the body. All Richter products are finished externally with a high quality epoxy paint.

Features and Benefits:

  • Thick liner 100% inspected at 20,000 VDC for defects is made from highly corrosion resistant FEP to 300°F (150°C) or PFA to 400°F (200°C).
  • Available with equal percentage vee ball
  • Blow out proof stem
  • Double stuffing box for applications requiring absolute safety
  • Tight Shut Off
  • Liners are anchored and suitable for use on vacuum applications
  • Easily actuated using ISO platform


AKH5 Ceramic lined ball valves

Size Range: 25-100mm
Operating Range: -60°C - 200°C
Body Material: S G Iron
Lining Material: Mg-PSZ
End Connections: Flanged BS4504 Table 10,150LB

Recommended when nothing else will work in abrasive slurries, high temperature corrosives and services with large temperature fluctuations.

All interior body surfaces and the ball are made of solid Mg-PSZ for superior erosion/corrosion resistance. Excellent strength and thermal shock resistance. A wide selection of stem material options available 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy C-276 or Mg-PSZ (Partially Stabilized Zirconia) ceramic.

Full port minimizes pressure loss and increases flow capacity to reduce energy and pumping costs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Class IV shutoff, Per FCI 70.2
  • ISO 5211 mounting pad makes actuator mounting quick and easy.
  • PTFE chevron or graphite packingrings in the deep stuffing box protects against external leakage to the atmosphere.
  • Optional V-port ball provides equal percentage control for throttling abrasive/corrosive media.
  • Minimum cavity space minimizes the retention of line media within the body cavity so product contamination problems are significantly reduced.
  • Available in 1-in thru 4 in.

AKH7-KP Lined ball valve for glass piepwork

AKH7-KP valves are easy to install in glass pipe systems with socket/ball or plane ends according to DIN/ISO 3587 and 4704.

Long-term protection against atmospheric leakage is provided by PTFE chevron packing rings in the deep stuffing box and by the molded liner/seal.

Molded fluorocarbon resin liners are made of either FEP or PFA, depending upon application, for both long service and high corrosion resistance due to their uniform thickness. The liners' non-stick properties are also ideal for handling highly viscous fluids or for those process applications with high purity requirements

Features and Benefits:

  • For flange/glass end connections the AKH7-KPF is available.
  • AKH7 valves are also available with conductive material for the linings, seals and gland packings.
  • Anti-static device protects against potentially dangerous electrostatic discharges.
  • Stem is internally assembled to eliminate possibility of blowout.

BTV Lined butterfly valves

Size Range: 50-400mm
Operating Range: -60°C - 200°C (Depending on design & Materials)
Body Material: S G Iron
Lining Material: PFA, FEP, PVDF
End Connections: Flanged BS4504 Table 10,150LB, Wafer pattern

Unique, energized seat design results in bubble tight shutoff. The spherical ball and socket disc/ liner design provides a 360 degree contact seat seal. The rounded radius of the disc fits into the socket of the machined liner and stays in constant contact with the seat. The liner itself is recessed into the valve body for added stability and to prevent possible leakage due to cold flow or improper valve installation. A live loaded elastomer seat energizer enhances sealing. Isolated and protected in the grooved valve body, the elastomer energizer operates independently of mating flange torque for constant line seal performance.

Features and Benefits:

  • 1/8 in (3 mm) thick (nominal) rigid machined PTFE or UHMWPE liner is recessed in body preventing cold flow and facilitating installation.
  • Disc swing is compatible with ASTM F423-82 fluoropolymer lined pipe
  • ASTM A395 ductile cast iron split body provides Popular Double-D shaft drive provides positive valve position indication and simplifies adaption to automatic operation.
  • Tight Shut Off
  • Interchangeable actuator mounting plate accommodates ISO, MSS or special actuators. 10-position locking lever and throttle plate or gear operated options are available.
  • Epoxy coated body and mounting plate resist the effect of atmospheric corrosion
  • Wafer or lug body is rated to 150 psi.


T41 & T43 Lined plug valves

A key design feature of T-41 and T-43 valves is the thick, one-piece continuous PTFE lining that covers all wetted surfaces in the body. Since the body is unwetted, the standard material is economical Ductile Iron. We offer optional stainless bodies for corrosive environments. The plug is PFA-Encapsulated and the PFA covering extends up the stem through the top cap. A sealing surface as much as 10x greater than other lined valves assures drop tight shut-off. In addition to the large sealing area,sealing is omnidirectional and is totally independent of line pressure.

The primary seal to the atmosphere is between the plug and the seal band at the top of the liner. As a secondary seal, a dynamic self-adjusting, self-energized, reverse-lip PFA diaphragm seal prevents stem leakage. If line pressure should force liquid to the stem seal area, the self-energizing reverse lip PFA diaphragm will be forced against the stem to prevent external leakage.

Never replace valve seats. Simply reseat the plug with a quick and easy in-line adjustment. An open-end wrench and a few seconds are the extent of your maintenance requirements.

Features and Benefits:

  • All wetted parts are Fluorocarbon lined and Encapsulated
  • Tapered Plug
  • One-Piece Ductile Iron Body (Stainless Optional)
  • PFA Reverse-Lip Diaphragm
  • In-Line Adjustment
  • Corrosion-resistant Epoxy powder-coating

AMP3 3 way ball valves

Size Range: 25-80mm
Operating Range: -60°C - 180°C
Body Material: S G Iron
Lining Material: PFA, FEP, PTFE
End Connections: Flanged BS4504 Table 10, ANSI 150LB

The AMP3, 3-way ball valve is the best choice for corrosive diverter valve applications. Lower cost than alloy valves with equal or superior corrosion resistance in difficult services.

High flow capacity with minimal pressure loss through the valve, thereby reducing plant operating costs.

Rated for services to 400 degrees F., and ambient pressures to 285 psi.

Features and Benefits:

  • High discharge capacity
  • Ideal for applications with corrosive and agressive media
  • Hermatically sealed bonnet using PTFE bellows
  • Easily maintained without removing body from line