Durco HF valves

Durco has provided thousands of Durco HF Alkylation valves to refineries throughout the world. Phillips Licensing Listed and UOP Process Division Approved They are a best choice where drop-tight shutoff is an absolute requirement.

Durco G4Z-HF valves are refinery proven and recommended: for:

HF Alkylation,H2SO4 Alkylation,Caustic & Salt Slurries,Light Ends, Flare Gas,Fuel Oil, Propane/Butane,Gasoline, Jet Fuel,Heavy Sour Crude, and Utilities

Durco G4Z-HF Alkylation Valves are available in the following sizes and end configurations:

G4Z32-HF: Class 300 Screwed End: 1/2 in through 2 inch

G4Z31-HF: Class 300 Flanged End: 1/2 in through 18 inch

G4Z35-HF: Class 300 Socketweld: 1/2 in through 2 inch


  • Quarter-Turn Operation
  • In-line adjustment of plug-sleeve compensates for wear
  • Positive Shut-Off
  • All Monel Construction, Fire-Sealed, HF indicating paint
  • All bodies radiographed to ensure sound castings.
  • Durco Alkylation Valves may be fitted with V-port plugs for precise modulating control services.