400A Handgun

The Nordstrom 400A Hand Gun's Powerful spring-loaded primer piston allows 30 or more strokes without re-priming. Positive action and light weigth design makes the 400-A easy to handle and use. The Nordstrom 400A Hand Gun is ideal for size 6 and smaller valves and perfect for tight quarters and remote locations. The 400-A Hand Gun provides dependable performance under all conditions.


  • Polished Hardened Steel Piston in High Pressure Barrel
  • Powerful Spring-Loaded Primer Piston Allows 30 or More Strokes Without Repriming
  • Check Valve and Bleeder Relief Valve
  • Positive Action Makes the 400-A Easy to Handle and Use
  • Uses Convenient J-Stick and K-Stick Sealants
  • Includes 15,000 psi Gauge and Shoulder Strap

400D Handgun

The Nordstrom 400-D Hand Gun is rated at 10,000 - 11,000 psi (690-759 bar) and includes may features for meeting the exact demands of replacing sealant in lubricated valves.

Due to the "built-in" safety features, the 400-D Hand Gun provides maximum safety both to the user and the gun itself. The hydraulic system of the gun is equipped with an interanl relief valve to protect the operator if pumping continues after the gun is depleted fo sealant. A pressure gauge indicates the point at which sufficient sealant pressure has been developed within the valve.

In designing the 400-D Hand Gun, engineers concentrated on greatly simplifying manintenance and repair procedures. In most cases, the gun can be easily maintained and repaired by valve service personnel, without requiring factory service.


  • Versatile Hand-held Operation
  • Perfect for Tight Quarters or Remote Locations
  • Rated at 10,000 to 11,000 psi (690-759 bar)
    Dependable Performance Under All Conditions
  • Large Fluid Capacity Allows Long Intervals Before Recharging

Sealant injectors

The Nordstrom/Audco Sealant Fitting is standard equipment on all Nordstrom and Audco valves. The fitting is equipped with a cylindrical spring-loaded check valve which is superior to run-of-the-mill ball check fittings which may trap dirt and subsequently be pumped into the valve. Nordstrom Sealant Fittings also allow both manual and automatic sealant injection without the need for other special fittings. It is available separately, in several sizes, as a replacement for damaged fittings or the lube screw on older design Nordstrom valves still in service.