Nordstrom Lubricated Plug Valves
A proven and well tested range of lubricated Plug Valves available in Cast Iron and Cast steel materials. Each tapered plug is matched to the valve body. Sealant channels in the plug and body provide lubrication and sealing.

Nordstrom Cast Iron plug valve
Nordstrom Dynamic balanced Cast Iron plug valve
Nordstrom Steel plug valve
Nordstrom Dynamic balanced steel plug valve

Audco Super-H Plug Valve
Audco Super-H pressure balanced plug valves are supplied for many "tight shut off" duties for the worldwide oil and gas markets. Sizes range from .5 to 36 inch with a variety of end connections and pressure ratings up to ANSI 2500.

Audco Steel plug valve

Durco Plug Valves
A range of Sleeved type Plug valves. Durco manufacture a range of valve both 2 way and 3 way designed to meet the stringent requirements required on H F alkylation plants and have been approved for Philips licensed plants around the world.

Durco sleeved plug valves
Durco HF Plug valves


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400D sealant injection handgun
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