steam productsSTEAM PRODUCTS

Gestra is Europes leading manufacturer of steam equipment for over 100 years. The Gestra company was founded in 1902,its aims being to optimize steam and energy saving in industry, increase operational efficiency and effectively deal with condensate discharge. These aims are still the companies priorities over 100 years later.

Steam Traps
Gestra produce a full range of both ball and Thermostatic/Thermodynamic steam traps.The ball float steam traps with rolling ball valve, can be used for all operating conditions, as they are unaffected by back pressure. The Thermostatic/thermodynamic steam trap with corrosion-resistant regulator is unaffected by waterhammer. They have an integral strainer and non-return valve action, give automatic deaeration and can be installed in any position.

UNA Float operated steam traps
BK and MK Thermostatic steam traps

Boiler Trim Controls
Capacitance type probes are available for monitering of high and low water levels while a range of Controllers used in conjunction with onductivity probes provide a sophisticated boiler monitering and control system by analysing the Total Dissolved Solids in the water. These systems can be linked to a range of valves providing automatic blowdown on boilers.

LRG Conductivity Sensors
NRG Conductivity Level Sensors
BAE Automatic Blowdown Valves
MPA Intermittent Blowdown Valves

Temperature Control
A range of direct acting, proportional control valves allow the cooling water temperature to be controlled at an elevated level thus increasing the heat absorbtion which leads to lower levels of cooling agent and energy consumption.

CW Cooling Water Control Valve